Magnetic Plasma Balance Series Hair Keratin Mask

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Product Description:

Magnetic Plasma Keratin Hair Mask offers a botanical care experience for your hair by harnessing the power of nature in hair care. Enriched with Argan Oil, it deeply moisturizes and adds shine to the hair, while Keratin strengthens and repairs the hair strands. Silk Protein provides softness and a silky touch to the hair. Panthenol increases hair elasticity, and Shea Butter deeply nourishes and revitalizes the hair. Magnetic Plasma Keratin Hair Mask provides lavish care for your hair, helping you achieve healthy, shiny, and vibrant hair.


During a hair wash:

Apply Magnetic Plasma Keratin Hair Mask to thoroughly rinsed hair during washing. Massage the mask gently into the hair strands and scalp. Leave it on your hair for 2–3 minutes. During this time, the hair mask penetrates your hair strands. Then, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and dry your hair.

On Washed Damp Hair:

Apply Magnetic Plasma Keratin Hair Mask directly to slightly damp hair after a shower. Spread the mask gently onto the hair and hair ends. After applying the mask to the entire hair, comb through the hair to distribute the product evenly. This time, allow the hair mask to penetrate your hair. Let your hair air dry or style it using a method suitable for your hair.

Both application methods provide effective results. You can use Magnetic Plasma Keratin Hair Mask once a week or more, according to your needs.