About Us

Magnetic Plasma is a brand, developed by Cesa Cosmetics, founded in 1999, after taking Cesa Cosmetics’ 24 years of industry experience, consumer feedback, and changing consumer needs into account.

Magnetic Plasma was born in Ankara as a local brand with the goal of becoming one of Turkey’s leading cosmetic brands and is currently expanding to be a global brand.

After providing distribution and services to national level beauty centres, beauty schools and beauty related retailers in terms of skincare products for 24 years, Cesa Cosmetics’ Magnetic Plasma has accumulated significant knowledge, insight and experience and expertise about the positive features and aspects of such products. The brand has blended its industry expertise with constantly evolving consumer needs in the product development process, creating a series of products that satisfy customers at the highest level.

The fact that such products are not only single-function but also support different needs while addressing a fundamental need of consumers is an important value that the Magnetic Plasma brand offers to its consumers and to the Turkish cosmetic industry.

Magnetic Plasma was introduced in beauty centres in April 2022. The products, used by over 75 beauty centres in Ankara, have been made available for sale throughout Turkey via e-commerce channels. In a single year period since the introduction of Magnetic Plasma, the brand has reached to 10,000 users. Research, which evaluates the current process, shows that the users of Magnetic Plasma products have a satisfaction level of 99.99%.

Thanks to the technology used in the production of Magnetic Plasma products, these products have the potential to increase users’ energy levels and transform the negative energy they accumulate in their daily lives into positive energy. Magnetic Plasma users not only experience positive effects on their skin but also experience the boost in the positive energy levels, which enables them to cope with the complexity of daily life with ease.

After achieving high success in the local market, the brand’s next goal is to introduce the brand to the whole of Turkey through new business models and collaborations. The brand aims to transform from a brand born in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara, into a global brand in the upcoming period. “Magnetic Plasma nurtures the soul by touching the skin.”